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DestinyDB Holiday Giveaway!

Greetings, guardians!

In the spirit of the holidays, we’re doing a giveaway of exotic proportions! Between now and January 4th, you can enter for a chance to win one 500 GB Playstation 4 The Taken King Limited Edition bundle.

Comment to win

So how do you enter? Head over to the giveaway thread at and add a comment telling us the story of your most heroic (or hilarious) moment in Iron Banner. We want all the thrilling details-- and video too, if you have it! anyone who includes a video of their moment will get a second chance at the prize.

Navigate to the giveaway thread linked here and tell us about your most heroic moment in Iron Banner below to be entered for a chance to win. Include a link to a video of the moment you’re describing for a second entry into the drawing.

Rules and disclaimer

  • The entry period for this giveaway ends at 11:59:59 PM on January 4, 2016.
  • Users can have up to two entries (one for video, one for comment).
  • This contest is open to anyone who is anywhere--Zam always ships internationally. Please note that your countries may have international fees and/or taxes that we cannot pay for you!

Big changes a-coming....

Howdy Folks,

As one of the DestinyDB devs, I would like to let everyone know that things are in the works to renovate this site.

Some users may experience some site instability during the next few days.

The DestinyDB team kindly asks for your patience as the Dreadnaught wasn't built in a day either.

Stand by for some awesome updates, and enjoy the new SRL while you can!

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"Should I Bye It?" – Celestial Nighthawk & A Farewell

Xûr is in the Tower offering new gear.
What's worth your Strange Coins?

Item Class Subclass Type Cost
Helm of Inmost Light Titan Striker Helmet 13
Celestial Nighthawk Hunter Gunsliner Helmet 13
The Impossible Machines Warlock Stormcaller Gauntlets 13

(Farewell at the end.)


Helm of Inmost LightTitan Helmet (Striker)

(+62/77 INT) Helm of Inmost Light competes with seven Exotic Titan Helmets in Year 2. The other Striker-specific Exotic Helmets are An Insurmountable Skullfort and Eternal Warrior. Granting two Class Talents for Strikers, the HoIL is great for Titans who want maximum utility & control for Fist of Havoc.

  • Recklessness – Provides the Death from Above and Headstrong class talents.
    • Death from Above: Fist of Havoc can be aimed mid-air.
    • Headstrong: Increased Fist of Havoc leap distance.
      • Both talents are about getting better placement of your Super.
  • Increase Intellect or Increase Strength
  • Ashes to Assets – More Super gained from Grenade kills.
  • or Second Thoughts More Super gained from Special Weapon minion kills.
    • Remember that Ashes to Assets works in PVP, but Second Thoughts doesn't.
  • Invigoration – Gain melee energy on Orb pickup.
    • So-so, since the Striker melee isn't the greatest.

SHOULD I BUY IT? Yes, if you're frequently a Striker Titan and don't have the Y2 version yet, it's an inventory must-have. It's one of only three Striker-specific Exotics that don't modify Shoulder Charge! These days, the real question is if you're a Striker often enough. If so: which Class talents can you choose from once you have HoIL equipped? Aftermath or Shockwave, and Aftershocks or Transfusion. That leads to compelling builds, like Aftermath & Aftershocks for a long-lasting Fist of Havoc wake.

All that said, we still personally prefer The Armamentarium in PVP, and one of the neutral Titan Exotics (like Ruin Wings) in PVE. This makes Helm of Inmost Light a good second-tier Striker stash.

The stat roll (+62/77 INT) is low (max 95), but we're a big fan of the INT solo-roll!

Celestial NighthawkHunter Helmet (Gunslinger)

(+31/46 INT , +36/51 STR) Celestial Nighthawk is one of seven Year 2 Exotic Hunter Helmets, alongside the Gunslinger-specific Achlyophage Symbiote and ATS/8 Arachnid. Nighthawk offers a major transformation to your Golden Gun, turning it into a one-shot cannon. You'll deal twice as much GG damage in 1/3 the time.

  • Big Game – Fire one Golden Gun shot which deals 6x damage and penetrates targets.
    • Overkill in PVP! Definitely suited for PVE, if anywhere.
  • Increase Intellect or Increase Strength
  • Ashes to Assets – Gain Super energy on grenade kills.
  • or Heavy Lifting – Gain Super energy from Heavy Weapon minion kills.
    • Just like today's Helm of Inmost Light, only Ashes to Assets works in PVP!
  • Infusion - Gain health with each Orb pick-up.
    • Actually a decent talent when the time is right!

SHOULD I BUY IT? Yes, if you can spare the coins or you (somehow) don't have a Year 2 Hunter Exotic yet. Otherwise, it's not essential. Because of its single-target overkill, PVP utility is entirely limited to countering other Guardians' Supers. It fares better in PVE, where you can take the time to line-up your 1x shot on several targets and blast 'em all away. Even then, you're a bit vulnerable when trying to line up that perfect shot.

All said and done, it is still only one of only four Gunslinger-specific Exotics in Year 2. If you're still a frequent Gunslinger, the satisfaction of a perfect PVE shot makes Nighthawk a worthwhile stash-away for when you're simply in the mood.

Notable PVE uses in the past:

The stat roll (+31/46 INT , +36/51 STR) is okay. Unfortunately it looks like Nighthawk can solo-roll Intellect, which would be our preferred stat given its Exotic perk. (We're just happy it's not DIS/STR!)

The Impossible MachinesWarlock Gauntlets (Stormcaller)

(+30/43 INT, +31/44 STR) The Impossible Machines are one of five Warlock Gauntlets, but the only Stormcaller Exotic currently in-game. Impossible Machines offer the perk Landfall, which blasts an Arc AOE shockwave effect when you trigger your Super. This provides a good PVE panic button, and frees up another Super talent.

  • Lightning Rod – Grants Landfall. (On using Stormtrance, create a devastating shockwave under you.)
    • As mentioned above, good PVE panic button when surrounded.
  • Increase Intellect or Increase Strength
  • Snap Discharge – Increased melee speed.
  • or Momentum Transfer – Bonus melee energy on grenadehits.
    • Melee speed can make a surprising difference; the bonus melee energy can be hard to notice.
  • Scout Rifle Loader or Sniper Rifle Loader

SHOULD I BUY IT? Yes, on the basis alone that they're the only new Exotic specifically for Stormcallers. Have some fun with it! Keep in mind that the Landfall perk is essentially designed for PVE moments when you're surrounded. (In PVP, you'll trigger your Super before they're too close.) Since having Landfall frees you up for another talent, let's review the choices:

  • Superconductor - "Doubles your Stormtrance lightning's chaining capabilities."
    • Paired with Landfall, you'll be fully-stacked with Arc lightning.
  • Ionic Blink - "Press Sprint to teleport during Stormtrance."
    • Short distance, uses a bit of Super Energy, but helpful for extra movement (and PVP chaos).

Now, the Exotics you're weighting this against are subclass-neutral ones: Alchemist's Raiment, Apotheosis Veil, Claws of Ahamkara, and Light Beyond Nemesis. LBN is the toughest competition, which wins out situationally (tough content/revival PVP). General purpose, though? We'd roll with The Impossible Machines on a Stormcaller, sure! Besides, they look amazing; can't put a price on that.

The stat roll (+30/43 INT, +31/44 STR) isn't great, with each stat ~10 away from max (53).


Heya folks,

It's finally time for me to hang it up here on DestinyDB! I've taken great pride in my small role among the Destiny community. It has been fantastic. Thank you for being with me during Destiny's first year. While I've decided to move on, DestinyDB will likely continue much the same.

If you need to get a hold of me, PM me on reddit anytime. (/u/ShdwFlm)

I'll see you, Guardians. This Hunter is back to the wilderness, beyond the City walls. Thanks for everything.


"It makes me unspeakably happy to see how well it all turned out.
And it makes me happy to remember I was there."

- Ghost Fragment: Human 4


Xûr, Agent of the Nine Has Arrived (11/6 - 11/8)

Xûr, Agent of the Nine has made his weekly apperance with a new collection of Exotic armor, weapon and more. This article is part of a time-saving series posted each week with his inventory and galactic location. His wares are the same across all platforms!


This week, Xûr is in front of the large door in Tower North, across from the Speaker.


Helm of Inmost Light
Titan Helmet
13 Strange Coins +62/77 INT
Celestial Nighthawk
Hunter Helmet
13 Strange Coins +31/46 INT
+36/51 STR
The Impossible Machines
Warlock Gauntlets
13 Strange Coins +30/43 INT
+31/44 STR
Exotic Engram
Year 2 Exotic Helmet
19 Strange Coins -
Legacy Engram
Year 1 Primary Weapon
31 Strange Coins -

Additional Items

Glass Needles
Exotic Reforger 3-Pack
3 Strange Coins
3 Motes of Light
1 Exotic Shard
(Per 3-Pack)
Three of Coins
Loot Buff 5-Pack
7 Strange Coins
(Per 5-Pack)
Heavy Ammo Synthesis
Synthesis 3-Pack
1 Strange Coin
(Per 3-Pack)
Emerald Coil
Stealth Drive
Sparrow Upgrades
23 Strange Coins
1 Mote of Light 2 Strange Coins

Active Time

The Agent of the Nine appeared on Friday November 6th at 4:00am ET, and will be gone (along with his gear) on Sunday November 8th at 4:00am ET. This is Xûr's 61st week of sales, and my last week covering it. It has been a pleasure, folks.


Armsday: Week #8 - New Weapons to Test & Buy!

Armsday returns once more! The Wednesday weapon tradition in Destiny. Each week, Banshee stocks his shop with new weapons to test & order! As your rep. increases from using Test Weapons, you can order more weapons each week. Orders arrive the following Armsday!

Weapons to Order

All weapons are 2500 Glimmer!

Weapon Forge Type Impact Notable Stat
SUROS ARI-41 SUROS Auto Rifle Medium Stability (68) - #2/17 vs. all ARs!
Herja-D Häkke Pulse Rifle Medium Stability (72) - #2/12 vs. all PRs!
Lyudmila-D Häkke Pulse Rifle Very High Range (63) - #1/12 vs. all Pulse Rifles!
SUROS JLB-47 SUROS R. Launcher High BR Velocity (74) - #2/9 vs. all RLs
Eirene RR4 Omolon Sniper Rifle Very High Impact (34) - +3 vs. similar ROF SRs

Test Weapons

Weapon Type Test Condition Test Zone
Häkke Test-A Auto Rifle Fallen Kills Any
Häkke Test-A Pulse Rifle Crucible Kills Crucible
Häkke Test-A Pulse Rifle Precision Kills Any
SUROS TSP-10 Pulse Rifle Hive Kills Any
SUROS TSR-10 R. Launcher Crucible Kills Crucible


Why can't I order weapons?
You need at least Rank 1 to order a weapon from Banshee.

How do I raise my reputation, and why should I?
Testing weapons raises your rep., which allows you more weapon orders each week.

What do I do once I complete the test?
Like the weapon? Keep it! Don't want it? Dismantle it. You receive Gunsmith rep. when you finish the objective; no need to turn it in. Remember that you can't stash test weapons in the vault! Too combustible, so I've heard.

How long do I have to place an order?
The deadline is roughly when Xûr leaves at 4AM Eastern on Sunday morning.


Totally Reliable Destiny News: BXR Combo Coming to Destiny

It appears paper masks & candy aren't the only things coming to Destiny in Festival of the Lost! Bungie will release a patch that allows Guardians to perform the classic "BXR" button combo from their hit series Halo. Totally Reliable Destiny News sat down with Destiny UX Developer Wayne Hunt to discuss the upcoming changes.

TRDN: Thanks for speaking with us. We understand you have exciting news?

Hunt: "We do! We're really excited to announce that starting today, you will be able to perform the BXR button glitch from Halo 2 and 3. This will be live until November 9th, when Festival of the Lost ends."

TRDN: Exciting. What exactly inspired this new feature? Take us through the process.

Hunt: "Well, Festival of the Lost is all about honoring those we've lost. We wanted to pay tribute to the death of our last series, Halo. We knew the BXR combo was a huge hit among fans – everyone loved it. Plus, what's more scary that adding an overpowered, close-range instakill to the Crucible for Halloween?"

[A fellow developer whispers to Hunt.]

Hunt: "Oh! Right. For the sake of balance, we're buffing Shotgun Range to compensate. It's only fair."

TRDN: Was it a mistake for 343 Industries to omit it from their current game, Halo 5?

Hunt: "Of course! We were just joking about it yesterday. What an oversight!" Hunt scoffs. "How does 343 [Industries] expect players to kill each other at close range? Hah!"

[Hunt's colleague whispers to him again. His smile flashes into hushed anger.]

Hunt: "Laser Bayonets?!...ahh, can we finish this interview later? I've got developers to talk to."

Wayne promptly left the table, and began fervently mumbling.

"Call the Art Team! Add the Red Death knife to everything!"

Enjoy Festival of the Lost, Guardians. We look forward to seeing everyone wearing a Xûr mask, standing in his usual spots to swindle Strange Coins from unsuspecting Guardians.

Totally Reliable Destiny News is a regular satire column.
"Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."


Crucible Bootcamp: Trials of Osiris - Changes & New Subclasses

It's October 30th! The long-awaited return of Trials of Osiris. This week, we'll discuss how the new subclasses fit into the 3v3 mode, and cover the changes to this iteration of Trials of Osiris. Let's hop in!

> What is Trials of Osiris?
> Gametype Changes
> Nightstalker in ToO
> Stormcaller in ToO
> Sunbreaker in ToO
> Wrap-Up & Tips

What is Trials of Osiris?

For those new to Crucible or The Taken King, Trials of Osiris is Destiny's premier game mode for PvP competition. Guardians square off in a 3v3 Elimination match. You have one life per round. Once you're dead, your remaining teammates need to make a clutch play or revive you.

The first team to take 5 rounds wins. If players for each team are alive when the round timer ends, you go into Sudden Death. At that point, you then have to capture a Control Point to win the round. Eliminating the other team as they are capturing the point is still an option!

If your team is skilled and coordinated enough to win 9 matches in a row without losing, you earn a trip to the Lighthouse. There, you will be rewarded with some of the best end-game gear in Destiny.

Changes to Trials of Osiris

In their October 10, 2015 update, Bungie announced changes to Trials of Osiris. The most notable ones:

  • Trials gear drops as a reward for winning teams at the end of matches.
    • You no longer need to visit the Reef to pick up reward packages from Brother Vance.
  • You can no longer add buffs after you start a new card. No adding the 2-for-1-win Boon after 7 wins!
    • Buffs are no longer aquired through Brother Vance. You buy buffs by inspecting your Passage Card in the Inventory screen.
  • Matchmaking is now prioritized to match you against teams with similar win counts. 1W vs. 1 W, 8W vs. 8W, etc.
  • Bounties will be added for Trials. "Forever 0-3" Guardians can now grind bounties to obtain Trials gear.
    • Gold tier rewards from bounties are Normal Mode Raid light level equivalent. (max 310) (We got a 307 The Tamarind)
    • Lighthouse rewards will be Hard Mode Raid light level equivalent. (max 320)

The changes to the buff system will undoubtedly cause some ripples. Bungie also noted that Passage Coins will still be awarded for losses, so players should be able to afford to buy the neccesary buffs to help achieve Lighthouse glory.

Subclass thoughts & final tips are below/inside!


"Should I Buy It?" – Zhalo Supercell & Other Exotics

Xûr is in the Tower offering new gear. What's worth the coin?
(Hint: Nearly everything!)

Item Class Subclass Type Cost
Zhalo Supercell Any Any Auto Rifle 23
The Taikonaut Titan Any Helmet 13
Graviton Forfeit Hunter Nightstalker Helmet 13
Alchemist's Raiment Warlock Any Chest 13


Zhalo SupercellAuto Rifle

First sale of Zhalo Supercell! Zhalo is one of four Exotic Auto Rifles, but it's the only Year 2 Primary that deals elemental damage (Arc). It's a Medium Impact AR with average base stats; it can greatly improve its Stability through perks. It features a wide variety of triggerable effects like chain lightning, ammo recovery, even small amounts of Super energy gain.


Absolutely 100% Yes. This is what you save your coins for. The fact it's an Arc-damage Primary is an automatic selling point right now; it is currently the only elemental Primary. (Non-Exotic elemental Primaries are being left behind.)

Beyond that, it's just works beautifully. It chains damage to nearby enemies. It refunds free ammo and grants Super energy after a double kill. It can get great Stability and gets more accurate the longer you shoot. It does everything! Here are the only "downsides":

  • Even with Stability nearly maxed, it has a noticeable "shake".
  • The clip size is low (28), especially when trying to max Stability.

In PVE, it's a great go-to "staple" weapon. (We use it all the time.) For PVP, it's respectable enough when you stack Stability; it pumps out satisfying headshots at a good pace. There's honestly no other Exotic in TTK that's more of an automatic buy than Zhalo Supercell. We'll leave it at that. Spend the coins and ride the lightning!


There are plenty of other Medium Impact Auto Rifles in TTK. 7 others, to be exact! Zhalo's Arc damage, chain lightning, ammo & Super gain perks make it incomparable, though. If you can get one of these 5 Legendary ARs with Persistence and a few Stability-increasing perks, you'll get close to matching the feel.


  • Smart Drift Control – The best one for trying to keep Stability & shake under control.
  • Persistence – A gradual Stability boost as you fire helps land consecutive precision shots.
  • Braced Frame - You need that Stability increase, even at the cost of mag size!
  • Zhalo Supercell – Chance to chain lightning to nearby enemies. Not crazy strong, but great fun!
  • Bolts from the Blue – Gain ammo in your clip, and Super energy, on double kills. Mini Bad Juju!

On to today's 3 new armor pieces!


Xûr, Agent of the Nine Has Arrived (10/30 - 11/1)

Xûr, Agent of the Nine has made his weekly apperance with a new collection of Exotic armor, weapon and more. This article is part of a time-saving series posted each week with his inventory and galactic location. His wares are the same across all platforms!


This week, Xûr is downstairs in the Hall of Guardians, next to the Crucible Quartermaster.


Zhalo Supercell
Auto Rifle
23 Strange Coins -
The Taikonaut
Titan Helmet
13 Strange Coins +36/51 INT
+31/46 DIS
Graviton Forfeit
Hunter Helmet
13 Strange Coins +36/51 INT
+36/51 STR
Alchemist's Raiment
Warlock Chest
13 Strange Coins +87/107 INT
Legacy Engram
Year 1 Special Weapon
31 Strange Coins -

Additional Items

Glass Needles
Exotic Reforger 3-Pack
3 Strange Coins
3 Motes of Light
1 Exotic Shard
(Per 3-Pack)
Three of Coins
Loot Buff 5-Pack
7 Strange Coins
(Per 5-Pack)
Heavy Ammo Synthesis
Synthesis 3-Pack
1 Strange Coin
(Per 3-Pack)
Plasma Drive
Void Drive
Sparrow Upgrades
23 Strange Coins
1 Mote of Light 2 Strange Coins

Active Time

The Agent of the Nine appeared on Friday October 30th at 9:00am UTC, and will be gone (along with his gear) on Sunday November 1st at 8:00am UTC. (Daylight Savings ends Nov. 1!) This is Xûr's 60th week of sales. An amazing week by Xûr's usual standards!