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Level 31 Bladedancer, DrCrispy93 - Who Is This?

We're not sure what to think, or how to explain it: there's a level 31(?) Human Bladedancer roaming the wild frontier. He climbed the PvE and PvP leaderboards and hit #1 in both. The data is telling us this guy exists, but we're not sure how. From what we can tell on our end, it's really not a mistake. He's out there, somewhere.

Looking for his name? DrCrispy93. Apparently this Guardian is crushing Hive in Will of Crota and beyond, kicking husk and making flames. When he's not single-handedly assaulting the Hive, he jumps into PvP. We hope the good Doctor Nope is dispensing prescription-strength No-Tears Shampoo.

It seems DrCrispy93 often travels alone, so it's a good thing he has great gear to keep him company! Dragon's Breath? ATS/8 ARACHNID? Nice! (Can't say we're not a little jealous.) Here's a list of his currently-equipped weapons & armor. (Unfortunately no full 3d model yet, but we used some proprietary tools to render a static profile image.)

Our question to you: Does anyone know who this is?

Truth be told, we can't figure it out. Maybe our Cryptarch rank isn't high enough. (thanks for nothing, Rahool!) We'll keep trying to decrypt this mystery. Guardians, if you've run across this guy: let us know. DrCrispy, if you're reading this: let's talk! Whoever you are, solitary legend on the frontier: we salute you. We'll be fighting alongside you soon.


"Should I Buy It?" – MIDA Multi-Tool & Other Exotics

Xûr just arrived in the Tower offering new gear. What's worth your Strange Coins?

Item Class Subclass Type Cost
MIDA Multi-Tool Any Any Scout Rifle 23
No Backup Plans Titan Defender Gauntlets 13
Young Ahamkara's Spine Hunter Gunslinger Gauntlets 13
Voidfang Vestments Warlock Voidwalker Chest 13


MIDA Multi-ToolScout Rifle

MIDA Multi-Tool: the all-seeing nailgun you can shoot for days. If you're considering this Exotic Scout Rifle, the MIDA has a few advantages. The most notable is a combination of insane Reload Speed (100) and Magazine Size (21). Both numbers are best-in-class. Its also boats a constantly-active radar, increased move speed, and a hair trigger.


No, probably not. If you don't already use Scout Rifles, you won't feel satisfied spending the 23 Strange Coins. The MIDA Multi-Tool is reasonably balanced, featuring a decent core of talents...but it simply doesn't stand out enough as an Exotic. It also has poor Range (58, worst-in-class), when usually Scout Rifles are almost 20 pts. higher (77). There's also no specific PVE scenario that might warrant a buy. PVP Note: the MIDA deals roughly 35 dmg. on body shots, and 52 on precision shots.

Scout Rifle IP RF RG RS ST MG Talents
Crypt Dweller SR1 38 42 59 80 44 13 +
MIDA Multi-Tool 38 42 58 100 49 21 ++
MIDA vs. CD SR1 0 0 -1 +20 +5 +8

If you do use Scout Rifles, here's the crux of the debate: is it worth it over the Crypt Dweller SR1? Stat-wise, no. It all comes down to how much you value the extras: constant radar, a small movement boost, and the hair trigger. The Crypt Dweller SR1 currently sold by Dead Orbit has somewhat weak talents (Mulligan, Life Support), but a dropped/received Crypt Dweller with other talents would close the gap further.

No matter the numbers or talents, it is currently the only Exotic Scout Rifle we can all obtain. We certainly won't blame you for picking it up it seems like it can be fun to use! (Nice blue scope, too.) For what it's worth, though, we're more intrigued by Fate of All Fools and the (newly-revealed!) 347 Vesta Dynasty.



  • Third Eye: Active radar while aiming. Better awareness is always very useful.
  • Lightweight: Field Scout seems unnecessary, and Quickdraw is situational. Reliable +2 Agility is good.
  • MIDA Multi-Tool: Boosted movement speed; fires on a hair trigger. While it doesn't change how you play like some Exotics, they're good enhancements to what you already do.

On to today's armor!


Xûr, Agent of the Nine Has Arrived (11/21 - 11/23)

Xûr, Agent of the Nine has made his weekly stop in the tower, with a new collection of Exotic weapons & armor. This article is part of a time-saving series posted each week with his inventory and Tower location. His wares are the same across all platforms!


This week, Xûr is downstairs in the Tower Hanger. It's the "lounge/bar" area underneath the Future War Cult vendor.


No Backup Plans
Titan Gauntlets
13 Strange Coins
Young Ahamkara's Spine
Hunter Gauntlets
13 Strange Coins
Voidfang Vestments
Warlock Chest
13 Strange Coins
MIDA Multi-Tool
Scout Rifle
23 Strange Coins
Exotic Engram
Helmet Engram
23 Motes of Light

Additional Items

Void Drive
Stealth Drive
Sparrow Upgrades
23 Strange Coins 
Auto Rifle Telemetry
Fusion Rifle Telemetry
Machine Gun Telemetry
Telemetry 5-Packs

Strange Coin 
(Per 5-Pack)

Active Time

The Agent of the Nine arrived on Friday November 21st at 9:00am UTC, and will be gone (along with his gear!) on Sunday November 23rd at 9:00am UTC. Hope you've got the coins to spare!


Massive Patch, Pt. 2: Radiant Material, Evolving Gear, DLC #2

On Monday, we sailed an entire cargo ship of new information into port.
Here's Part 2 of that shipment.

Cargo Manifest:

Radiant Materials

There are two new Legendary materials: Radiant Shards and Radiant Energy. Additionally, our well-known materials will be getting a makeover: Ascendant Shards and Ascendant Energy.

When we look at this database filter, we see lots of materials not in-game: Exotic Weapon Core, Exotic Armor Shard, Glass Shards, even parts for Ships, Sparrows and Shaders. There's also Vex-specific materials, Vex Raid Rare and Epoch Splinter, and the Hive-specific Hive Ember. [link broken]

Upgrade Item Rarity? (Speculation)

So, why the push for expanded materials? Since the Light Level is being raised to 32, perhaps they're used to help our gear stay relevant. A more enticing possibility? Maybe we'll be able to upgrade the rarity of some weapons. That's pure speculation, but here are a few reasons it could make sense:

  1. Dozens and dozens of Legendary weapons in the data were demoted to Rare. Their Legendary status was probably a placeholder, but it's possible they decided some upgradable Rares were better than exclusively adding Legendary ones.
  2. Bungie takes the effort to make Rares with interesting names and lore. These are quickly discarded by end-game players (i.e., many of us). What better way to give them value than a path to becoming viable weapons?
  3. Bungie just added Reforging, a process for changing talents on Legendary Iron Banner weapons. A similar process would be used on Rares: remove XP/talents, add a blank Legendary talent grid, and roll the dice on talents!
  4. They're already adding two weapons that change rarity.

Will it actually happen? Unlikely, but the last point brings us to the next topic...

Evolving Weapons

On Monday, we mentioned Murmur – a Rare Fusion Rifle which transforms into a Legendary version (Murmur) when your reputation with Eris Morn increases. (It also deals both Solar and Arc damage). This is just the first of two morphing weapons; the other is Husk of the Pit.

Husk of the Pit is a Common rarity Auto Rifle, perhaps rewarded for completing the Husk Reaper hidden bounty. What makes it unique is a very specific talent called Cannibalism: "The Husk exudes a sense of sinister satisfaction when used to expire it's former allies."

Now, the all-important question: what does it evolve into? Eidolon Ally, the Legendary Auto Rifle! It looks to have good talents overall. But wait, what's this? Another talent to upgrade, called Burgeoning Hunger? It can evolve a second time...into Necrochasm, the Exotic Auto Rifle! Yes, that's right: what begins as a Common becomes an Exotic as you feed it. Awesome. We're not positive these weapons evolve this way, but it seems very likely.

DLC #2 – House of Wolves Story

(but if you're curious, read on)

Going through the data, we've compiled the Story Missions and Strikes into a basic plot. How accurate is it? It's hard to tell. Read our compiled version, the Missions / Strikes, then decide!

"Being in debt to the Queen, you return to The Reef to answer Her favor. She asks you to hunt down Skolas, Wolf Kell, who led the revolt against her and stole a value possession. Your search starts on Earth, where the trail leads to Paskin, King Baron. You discover that Skolas is actually on Venus, and pursue him (and his Wolves) there.

You track them down, and they're hiding among the House of Winter. As you hunt for Skolas, you encounter Liksor, Wolf Blade, who tries (and fails) to stop you. You learn that Skolas is at the Vex Citadel attempting to use the stolen item. (Here's a video of the Vex Citadel.)

Arriving there, you charge through defenses and ultimately encounter Skolas, Wolf Kell. It's revealed that the stolen item is the "Eon Synapse", which is "A Vex artifact connected to the true purpose of the Citadel." Whatever this purpose is, you stop him and recover the artifact. The rebellious Wolves are scattered by the loss of their Kell, and you return the Eon Synapse to the Queen."

Again, how accurate is all of this? Who knows! In the meantime, let's talk: what do you think the Citadel's purpose could be? Is it related to the Strike below, "The Undying Mind"? We're probably getting ahead of ourselves, since DLC #1 isn't out yet. Regardless, here's the information that helped compile the plot above:

3 Story Missions

Gone to Ground - Search the Cosmodrome for the Wolf Kell who led the revolt against the Awoken.
Original Text: "Find a Wolves Baron and his conspirators who have betrayed the Queen and are hiding in the Cosmodrome"
Related Bounty: Paskin, King Baron - "Defeat Paskin, King Baron in the "Gone to Ground" mission in Cosmodrome."

Wolf Harvest - Track down the Queen's traitorous Wolves hiding among the House of Winter.
Original Text: "Track down the Queen's traitorous Wolves and recover what they've stolen from the Awoken."
Related Bounty: Liksor, Wolf Blade - "Defeat Liksor, Wolf Blade in the "Wolf Harvest" mission on Venus."

The Terminus - Hunt the Wolves' Kell who has seized control of the Vex Citadel.
Original Text: "Ascend to the top of the Vex stronghold on Venus and assassinate the Wolves' Kell."
Related Bounty: Skolas, Wolf Kell - "Defeat Skolas, Wolf Kell in "The Terminus" mission on Venus."
Related Item: Eon Synapse [link broken] "A Vex artifact connected to the true purpose of the Citadel."

2 Strikes

The Undying Mind - An ancient Mind, feared by the Vex themselves, hides among the channels of the Black Garden. Find this machine and end its existence.
Original Name: The Hypogeum
Original Text: "The resurrection of the Black Garden has begun. Stop the Vex before the Garden's heart beats again."

Traitors' Ketch - A Fallen Wolfship holding an infamous Walker has touched down in the Ocean of Storms. Breach the Ketch and see to this Walker's end.
Weekly Heroic Text: "Force your way aboard a House of Wolves Ketch and destroy the powerful Walker aboard."

1 Raid

The Arena - Test yourself.
(All we know is that it takes place in The Reef.)

Thanks for checking out Part 2 of the massive patch!

(Did you miss Part 1?)


Iron Banner Returns: A Simple Guide to What's New

The flames are relit. Iron Banner has returned! Iron Banner has been "reforged" based on the previous event 6 weeks ago. Last time, it went...okay. Bungie emphasized how important power was – and it meant almost nothing.

But now? Crucible just got real serious. "Power matters," and they mean it.

What's new? What's the same? Let's keep it real simple.

- - -
Note: Bungie is streaming Iron Banner for 2 hours today, starting at 2PM Eastern!
- - -

  • Duration: November 18th to November 24th
  • Restriction: Fireteams (up to 6 Guardians) must be lead by a Level 20+ Guardian.
  • Stats: Defense affects damage taken. Attack affects damage inflicted.
    • Consider This: A low-level Guardian with fully-upgraded weapons is a "credible threat".
    • "Players within 3 Levels can be competitive with each other"
  • Medallions of Iron (New!): Lose a match? Gain a medallion (up to 5). All medallions disappear on your next win, redeemed for partial reputation gains. This system is to discourage quitting mid-match.
  • Tempering (New!): A purchasable 12-hour reputation buff with increasing potency later in the event.
    • Warning: Buying Tempering (1 Mote of Light) immediately starts the timer.
  • Reforge (New!): Reset progression on an Iron Banner weapon, and give it new Talents.
  • Bounties: 4 of the 10 bounties have been made easier (thankfully).
  • Reputation: Transferred from last event, but will reset after each Iron Banner.
  • Ranks: Five reputation ranks, increased from three.
    • Consider This: Emblem, Shader, and Class Item each provide a stacking +10% bonus to reputation gain.

There, that covers all of it! You're good to go. Curious about the Rank Unlocks and Gear? Keep readin'!


Massive Destiny Patch - Tons of New Info! (Complete)

Bungie just pushed a huge Destiny patch live! They've added tons of content in preparation for DLC #1, The Dark Below. We're going through the changes, It's a long list. We're going to cover every scrap of new info, so keep checking here! (scroll down for new Exotic weapons and armor!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Nothing listed below is guaranteed to be added to Destiny. It's from the game's data, but we don't know when (if ever) any of it will be fully available.

Emblems & Shaders

2:02PM ET - To start, 8 new Emblems!

2:06PM ET - And 3 new Shaders!

2:07PM ET - 1 Shader got changed from War of the Gods to Divinity Collider

Crucible Maps, Activities, and "The Arena"

2:19PM ET - 4 new Crucible maps! (Speculation: Perhaps coming in DLC #2?)

  • Black Shield - Firebase Thuria, Phobos (a moon of Mars!) (renamed from The Refinery)
  • Thieves' Den - Ishtar Sink, Venus (renamed from The Den)
  • The Timekeeper - Meridian Bay, Mars (renamed from City of the Dead)
  • Widow's Court - European Dead Zone, Earth (renamed from Freeholder's Stand)

3:47PM ET - New activities/playlists? Inferno (Big Teams) and Hardcore (Small Teams) mean no radar / only kills earn points!

4:27PM ET - The Arena? Is this some kind of "Horde Mode" with waves of mobs? It's located in The Reef, and has three difficulties: Level 29, 32, and 34. The only description we're given is "Test yourself." Classified as a Raid, allows parties up to 6.

Exotic Items, New and "Old"

2:28PM ET - EXOTICS! Exotics that were in the database that were missing info? They now have info! These are names we've seen before in the database, but their full talents weren't visible.


Auto Rifle

  • Necrochasm - "Cursebringer" Precision kills with this weapon frequently trigger a Cursed Thrall explosion.

Sniper Rifle

  • No Land Beyond - "The Master" Increased precision damage. Kills briefly increase damage against next target.

Rocket Launcher

  • Dragon's Breath - "Pyromancer" Rounds fired from this weapon leave a Solar Flare upon detonation.



  • ATS/8 ARACHNID - "Arachnid Sensorium" Your Golden Gun zooms in for accuracy when aimed.
  • The Glasshouse - "Bathed In Light" Blessing of Light and Weapons of Light last longer.
  • The Ram (formerly The Stag) - "The Ram Arises" Activating Radiance from death disorients nearby enemies.



  • Claws of Ahamkara - "The Whispers" Gain an additional charge for Scorch and Energy Drain.
  • Ruin Wings - "Seeds of Ruin" Heavy ammo drops more often, and contains more ammo in each drop.
  • Don't Touch Me - "Defensive Reflex" Taking damage from a melee attack makes you briefly invisible.


2:49PM ET - BRAND NEW EXOTICS! Ones we haven't seen anywhere else.


Scout Rifle

  • 347 Vesta Dynasty - "Goliath" and "David" talents; stat boosts (Armor/Agility) from Precision/Non-Precision kills


  • Sweet Business - "Thunderer" (and several on-kill effects) - A single trigger pull fires all four barrels.
  • Lord of Wolves - "Devil's Touch" Stacking rapid hits has the chance to set your target on fire.



  • Obsidian Mind - "Insatiable" Nova Bomb kills reduce the cooldown of your next Nova Bomb.
  • Eternal Warrior - "Resolute" Provides Unstoppable for Fist of Havoc.
  • ExoTac Angel Hunter - "Angel Hunter" Significantly increases your weapons accuracy for a short time after jumping.


  • Purifier Robes - "Burn Brighter" Enemies killed by Ignite effects explode.


  • Nothing Manacles - "The Cold Equation" Kills with Void Light abilities grant a shield.
  • ACD/0 Feedback Fence - "Wrath Conductors" Taking damage from a melee attack deals damage in an area around you.
  • Ikaheka's Hooks - "Touch of Venom" Hitting an enemy with a melee attack while invisible deals additional damage over time.


  • Unremarkable Bones - "Not Bound By Law" Upgrades Double Jump with an additional jump.
  • Peregrine Greaves - "Peregrine Strike" Shoulder Charge deals bonus damage when activated in the air.

3:33PM ET - Now that we've churned through the Exotics, let's see the rest of the patch!

Legendary Raid Weapons

5:55PM ET - Bungie added lots of Legendary weapons and armor. Let's check out the ones specific to the Crota's End raid.

Primary: Abyss Defiant, Eidolon Ally, Word of Crota, Oversoul Edict, Fang of Ir Yût

Special: Light of the Abyss, Swordbreaker, Black Hammer, Murmur (see below)

Heavy: Song of Ir Yût, Hunger of Crota

Eris Morn, New Vendor

4:00PM ET - The new Vendor we've heard about: Eris Morn, "Crota's Bane."

4:02PM ET - Eris sells the Emblems and Shaders mentioned at the top and plenty more. Mostly class items and armor, as well as Legendary Materials.


Eris sells Murmur, a Rare Fusion Rifle. After you increase reputation with Eris, it transforms into the Legendary version: Murmur. Stats look the same, but the talent grid changes.


Hidden Bounties and New Queen Bounties

5:07PM ET - We're not sure how they'll work, but we've got 13 Hidden Bounties to check out:

  • The Will of Crota - "Exterminate Omingul and her spawn in The Will of Crota Strike on Earth."
  • The Unseen - "While invisible, land the killing blow on a Hive Wizard with a Sniper Rifle."
  • Bonebreaker - "Kill Hive Wizards with Shoulder Charge."
  • One of Us - "Kill Hive Majors and Ultras with any of Eris' class items equipped."
  • Husk Reaper - "Collect Husk Shards by defeating Hive on any destination."
  • Blades of Crota - "Hunt the Knights who serve as Blades of Crota on Earth and the Moon."
  • Cut Them Down - "Kill Hive using a Blade's sword on Earth." (Blade's sword?)
  • Sleight of Hand - "Rapidly kill 5 Hive with your Throwing Knife."
  • Cut to the Quick - "Rapidly kill 10 Hive with Arc Blade."
  • Illuminator - "Generate 50 orbs of Light."
  • Deadshot Collector - "Kill Hive with precision damage while under the effect of a Black Wax Idol."
  • The Wakening - "Stop the Hive from summoning Crota's soul in "The Wakening" on the Moon with the Heroic modifier active."
  • Siege of the Warmind - "Defend Rasputin in the "Siege of the Warmind" mission on Earth with the Heroic modifier active."

5:22PM ET - More Bounties for the Queen (called a Reef Bounty).


5:16PM ET - A new Strike Playlist called Vanguard Dragon; for level 28 Strikes.

5:20PM ET - There's also a new Strike, Traitors' Ketch. A Fallen Wolfship holding an infamous Walker has touched down in the Ocean of Storms. Breach the Ketch and see to this Walker's end.

5:28PM ET - Weekly Heroics and Nightfalls now go to a maximum of 32, to match the peak Light Level possible in The Dark Below. Here are the descriptions of the new Heroics/Weeklies:

  • Omnigul, the mastermind of Crota's armies, nests in the Cosmodrome. Eliminate this horror and purge its spawn.
  • Force your way aboard a House of Wolves Ketch and destroy the powerful Walker aboard.
  • Pierce the Vex labyrinth and defeat the mind responsible for the transformation of Venus.

Other New Info

4:45PM ET - Two new Sparrows! SV7 War Runner and S-13 Graverobber. Both Sparrows feature the Overdrive talent for greater speeds. At least one of them, SV7 War Runner, is a reward for the upcoming event Trials of Osiris.

4:48PM ET - An Exotic material, Crux of Crota! Here's the list of the 7 new materials:

5:27PM ET - The "Refer A Fireteam" we saw a while ago? It's now Plus One (a Legendary package).

6:36PM ET - Many familiar items are sporting new icons. Looking good!

6:42PM ET - There's an absolute ton of other new items and weapons. 30+ new Ships, countless new's too much for one post. Dive around in the database, have a good time exploring. We'll see you when you resurface.


Destiny Patch 1.0.3: Voice Chat, Iron Banner and Much More

Bungie has started the week with a major new update, Patch 1.0.3. It's one of several leading up to DLC #1, The Dark Below (Dec. 9). Today's patch hits several areas of content – we'd recommend every Guardian read up on it. Here's our summary, with the full post below:

Patch Summary

  • Voice: Voice Chat has been added to the game, and is totally optional
  • Bounties: Bounty Slots increased from 5 to 10
  • Shaders: Eva Levante (Guardian Outfitter) has more Shaders in-stock
    • Shaders and Emblems can now be previewed
  • Fireteams: 3-player Fireteams (in Strikes) will have less-difficult Strikes
  • PVP: Several Crucible map changes on 6-7 maps! (depending on platform)
    • Notable: Control on Blind Watch has zones moved, routes modified, cover objects added
  • General: Lots of general game fixes (see full post)
  • Iron Banner has returned! Several important things to note:
    • Fireteam leader must be level 20+
    • Players within 3 Levels can be competitive with each other
    • "Reforging" - Reset item progression, get new perks
    • Reputation ranks increased to 5 (from 3)
    • "Tempered Buff"- A 12-hour boost to reputation gain; activate later to catch up faster
    • Medallion of Iron - Gained from losing a match; redeemed after next win, grants reputation
    • Iron Banner reputation reset after each IB event

For the full run-down, check out Bungie's full post below:

Originally posted by Destiny Dev Team (Original Post)

1.0.3 : The one about Iron Banner and Voice.

This is the first in a series of updates that will deliver new content in the lead up to The Dark Below. Update 1.0.3 provides new social features, revisions to activities, alterations to competitive spaces, adjustments to the player overall experience, as well as a sizable download of new content and geometry to support the first expansion of the world of Destiny. The Iron Banner special event is also being updated with new rules and features prior to its second run.


  • Added a new social feature that enables users to access a channel for Team Chat
  • Matchmade teammates will now be able to talk to each other in Strikes and team-based Crucible matches
  • To learn more about how to toggle between chat channels, click here


  • Fixed an issue in which two players who performed a melee lunge simultaneously would teleport through each other
  • Fixed an issue in which Blink Strike damage would be caused by colliding with the Blink Strike, rather than melee impact
  • Fixed an issue in which Warlock Bonds dismantled into Titan materials



  • Reduced camera shake when being hit with explosive rounds


  • Clown Cartridge: Replaced Clown Cartridge perk with other perks in shotgun upgrade trees
  • Headseeker: Fixed an issue in which the bonus Precision Damage perk did not always get applied



  • Buried City: Fixed an exploit in Mars that would clear all enemies from Clovis Bray


  • Winter's Run: Fixed an exploit zone in the Aksor boss encounter
  • Difficulty will scale less for 3-player Fireteams, making Strikes less deadly for them


  • Fixed an issue in which engrams earned during Daily and Weekly Heroic activities were not displayed in the post-game carnage report

Event: Iron Banner

  • Players must now be level 20 and above to lead an Iron Banner Fireteam
  • Players below Level 20 can only accompany players above Level 20
  • Lord Saladin now has 5 reputation ranks (increased from 3)
  • New Features Added: Tempered Buff, Reforging
  • For more detailed information, click here


  • Fixed several issues with the synchronization of cinematic subtitles in various languages



  • Fixed an issue in which Vex Cyclops and Hive Shrieker health bars would not update properly
  • Reduced the number of Stealth Sword Vandals that spawn in the basement of the Terrestrial Complex on lower difficulties


  • Public Events will occur 10-15% more frequently in all public spaces


  • Increased the number of Bounty slots in the Inventory from 5 to 10
  • Added shaders to Eva Levante's stock in the Tower
  • Shader preview functionality added to vendor and inventory screens
  • Emblems on vendors can now be previewed in the inventory screen
  • Marks and Reputation icons and meters were adjusted to better differentiate the two
  • Fixed an issue in which Strange Coins and Motes of Light would not route to the Postmaster if your inventory was full
  • Fixed an issue in which engrams were not displaying the possible contents in the Cryptarch vendor menu
  • Fixed an issue in which players did not receive Bounty or Mission credit when assisting in the killing of a Walker or Vex Cyclops
  • Armor Stat upgrade potentials added to item compare on vendor and inventory screens



  • Enabled revive scoring for Skirmish and Salvage
  • Fixed an exploit with revive scoring when entering a kill volume and having a teammate revive you for easy points
  • Adjusted Join in-Progress settings for all playlists to minimize long periods of unbalanced teams due to players quitting out of matches.
  • Added new functionality to match pre-formed fireteams against each other
    • This will slowly roll out to all playlists over time, but will start with the 3v3 playlists
    • In 3v3 games, Fireteams of 2 or more players will match together more frequently
    • In 6v6 games, Fireteams of 4 or more players will match together more frequently


  • Won't Be Beat now triggers correctly when a team wins a game after coming back from a 500-point losing deficit
  • Mark of the Unbroken no longer requires a minimum player count
  • Sum of All Tears no longer requires a minimum player count
  • Sum of All Tears should now trigger consistently


First Light

  • Implemented multiple fixes to stop players from getting into advantageous positions

Blind Watch

  • Addressed some balancing issues for the Control gametype by moving Zones, modifying routes, and adding cover objects
  • Adjusted landing and respawn points to accommodate new geometry changes
  • Added protection to prevent players from getting on top of a pipe high above the intended playable space

Firebase Delphi

  • Added protections to prevent players from getting outside the intended playable area between Control Zone A and the crane room

Rusted Lands

  • Blocked off the monitors above Control Zone A to prevent players from hiding in them

Shores of Time

  • Added a Vex pillar to prevent players from sniping through the small gap on the ninja platform
  • Implemented multiple fixes to stop players from getting into unfairly-advantageous positions

Exodus Blue (PlayStation)

  • Multiple fixes implemented to stop players from getting into advantageous positions, especially the giant hose reel near Control Zone A
  • Fixed an issue with visibility culling behind Control Zone A

Twilight Gap

  • Adjusted landing points to keep players from fighting too soon in Rumble matches
  • Added protections to prevent players from getting into unintended areas, for example, atop the security camera at Control Zone C
  • Added geometry to fill in small gaps that let players see out of the world


  • Improved the readability of Grenade and Melee recharge states
  • Improved the visibility of objectives in the Motion Tracker
  • Improved the visual look of Revive waypoint and Last Man Standing
  • Added skull modifier descriptions to the Navigation Mode screen
  • Fixed an issue in which the names of downed teammates did not always display on-screen


  • Destiny version number to added to the Character Login screen
  • Added dialog imagery for various events
  • Fixed an issue in which new items available from the Special Orders vendor would not show up in the message count in the Director
  • Fixed an issue in which a PlayStation Plus dialog was mistakenly shown when selecting a specific PVP activity
  • Added countdown timers for weekly/special events
  • Fixed various issues with Director animations
  • Fixed an issue in which the Player/Inventory screen would sometimes close during certain parts of the spaceflight sequence
  • Added the post-game carnage report for the previous games during Matchmaking search



  • Fixed an issue in which cursor speed in 4:3 and PAL was not consistent


  • Network Connection Quality Indicators now added to the Roster
  • New icons added to the scoreboard and roster to indicate voice problems due to connection issues (NAT issues)
  • Added support for direct fireteam joins from the roster on the Xbox One


  • Updated Spinmetal, Relic Iron, and Helium Filaments icons to better represent in-game visuals
  • Fixed and updated several inventory icons
  • Fixed and updated several talent tree icons


  • Improved audio cues for sticking others and being stuck with certain Grenades
  • Fixed an issue in which an audio cue would not play when completing a Bounty
  • Fixed an issue in which "Guardian down!" referenced the wrong gender in French, Spanish, and Portuguese


  • Added the ability for the Bungie DOC to send in-game alerts and messages
  • Fixed stability issues across all platforms
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a rare crash during space flight into activities
  • Improved patch installation process
  • Implemented PS3-specific performance optimizations
  • Fixed some issues causing beetle and lionfish Kicks to Orbit


"Should I Buy It?" – The Last Word & Other Exotics

Xûr just arrived in the Tower offering new gear. What's worth your Strange Coins?

Note: Our PS4 giveaway ends Monday night — go here to enter! (Cost: 0 Strange Coins)

Item Class Subclass Type Cost
The Last Word Any Any Hand Cannon 23
The Armamentarium Titan Any Chest 13
Crest of Alpha Lupi Hunter Any Chest 13
Voidfang Vestments Warlock Voidwalker Chest 13


The Last WordHand Cannon

The chosen one is here. The almighty Exotic we've been waiting for. The Last Word is a rapid-fire Hand Cannon, boasting a quick time-to-kill in skilled hands. It looks, feels, and sounds great. It has a unique feature, Fan Fire, so it can be shot "quickly and continuously." Two talents improve firing from the hip; great for panic situations. Although its Range (14) is worst-in-class, its Rate of Fire (32) is exceptional with Fan Fire – and catches many people off-guard.


Yes. If you like Hand Cannons, buy it immediately. It has a bit of a learning curve early on, but it's oh so worth it. It's tremendously fun to use and extremely potent. Is there anything else you can ask for? It's tough to consider how much use you'll get in PVE. We can't think of a specific situation to wield The Last Word in PVE over, say, an Exotic Special weapon (e.g., Icebreaker).

The Last Word is, unsurprisingly, even more effective for Gunslingers with Chain of Woe and Gunslinger's Trance. Not that The Last Word needs them; you'll simply become an unstoppable Crucible desperado.


No true alternatives to The Last Word. Stat-wise, the closest are LOCK_ARETE or the classic Mos Ganon III.


  • Soft Ballistics: The other two talents decrease Range, TLW's weakest stat.
  • Hip Fire: Bonus accuracy firing from the hip. As mentioned above, it can help when panicking.
  • Perfect Balance: When you're shooting so quickly, better Stability is a must.
  • Last Word: Bonus DMGand Stability. Extra precision DMG firing from the hip. Makes a great weapon better.

On to the armor!


Xûr, Agent of the Nine Has Arrived (11/14 - 11/16)

Xûr, Agent of the Nine has made his weekly stop in the tower, with a new collection of Exotic weapons & armor. This article is part of a time-saving series posted each week with his inventory and Tower location. His wares are the same across all platforms!


This week, Xûr is across from the entrance to The Speaker ("Tower North"), standing in front of a large, round door.


The Armamentarium
Titan Chest
13 Strange Coins
Crest of Alpha Lupi
Hunter Chest
13 Strange Coins
Voidfang Vestments
Warlock Chest
13 Strange Coins
The Last Word
Hand Cannon
23 Strange Coins
Exotic Engram
Helmet Engram
23 Motes of Light

Active Time

The Agent of the Nine arrived on Friday November 14th at 9:00am UTC, and will be gone (along with his gear!) on Sunday November 16th at 9:00am UTC. Hope you've got the coins to spare!

Win a PS4!

"Wait, this has nothing to do with Xûr!" You're right, but we wanted to remind folks: we've got a giveaway going on! One winner gets a PS4 and a copy of Destiny. Already have the game & console? If you win, give it to a friend. Add a lifelong member to your Fireteam. Get those entries in, contest ends 11:59pm EST on Monday, November 17th!


Weapon Tiers and DestinyDB Updates!

Behind the scenes, we're always busy making changes. Today, a few of those changes went live. Our first update is very noticeable on the homepage: a Featured Guardian bar! Keep tabs on your latest matches and quickly access your profile. The second update is a little more subtle.

We love to compare weapons in Destiny – you too, right? To make it easier, we've updated our database sorting! You can filter & sort weapons (and more) based on specific stats. It reveals interesting patterns. For instance, did you know most weapons fit into specific tiers of Rate of Fire and Impact? Take our word for it or check the stats below! (under search tips)

Item Database Search Tips

  • You can hold CTRL or Shift to click multiple Rarity Tiers
  • Filters are below the "Type" dropdown
  • Including the Filter "Max Attack > 0" (or Defense) will exclude weapons/armor not yet in-game
    • Will exclude a few like Praetorian Foil which, for some reason, has no Attack value
  • Here's a quick key to get you started:
A Attack RS Reload Speed
D Defense VC Velocity
L Light ST Stability
BR Blast Radius CR Charge Rate
IP Impact MG Magazine
RF Rate of Fire VS Vehicle Speed
RG Range

Weapon tiers below!

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